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Name:Sudhir Hasbe
Location:Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

I work for Microsoft as Program Manager and am doing my MBA from UNC Chapel Hill. I am married to one of the most beautifull woman in the world. Her name is Swati. I love her green eyes but now they are changing to brown..:( But I still love her.

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RFID Roadshow
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My RFID Road Show in Switzerland...

eXited Consulting is based in Switzerland. They are a successful consulting company working in area of ERP implementation, customization and Data warehousing. They also have active presence in integration arena. So with increase in interest of customers in field of RFID eXited wanted to present the power of RFID to various customers. They arranged a road show on RFID in Switzerland. I think it was first of its kind in Switzerland. More than 50 customers attended the road show. There were 4 key speakers in the show. Alfred Josi who is the CEO of eXited Consulting. There was professor from local university to present the academic view on RFID. A Speaker from Zebra printers to show how printers could be used to write onto RFID tags. I was responsible to show the customers how RFID technology could be used in supply chain. How it could be interfaced with the backend ERP systems and tie it into there current applications.

The demonstration in the road show included interfacing RFID tag enabled inventory into Baan ERP system. As soon as parts came near the RFID reader automatically receipts were done in Baan ERP. This showed the customers the strength of RFID technology. It also showed how this upcoming technology could be integrated into the existing applications to enhance the performance of the application. All the customers attending the show were really excited about the technology.

Following are some snaps from the road show.

In Action now. If you zoom u can see my small Box with RFID tag attached to it. Airplane seen had all RFID components which Are updated in Baan ERP.
From Left Alfred, Me, Representative from Zebra, Professor, Jurg investor in eXited. Preparing to start my presentation.