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Name:Sudhir Hasbe
Location:Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

I work for Microsoft as Program Manager and am doing my MBA from UNC Chapel Hill. I am married to one of the most beautifull woman in the world. Her name is Swati. I love her green eyes but now they are changing to brown..:( But I still love her.

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I was born in Lonavala, India. Lonavala is a small hill station in India. I did majority of my schooling in Mumbai. The most happening and lively place in the world. If you try taking a drive in Mumbai even at 1:00 am you will find hundreds of people walking around... I did my Bachelors in Physics and Computer Science from Mumbai university. Along with my BSc I also studied at NIIT for my Computer Programming diploma(GNIIT). I got my first job at Baan via the compus interview in NIIT.

I moved to US in Feb 2001 and since then I have been living in NC. I like North carolina especially the RTP area. It has lot of businesses around but it is not as chaotic like some of the bigger cities like NY or Chicago. I will graduate from UNC MBA program in August 2007. Before MBA, I took few courses from Masters in Computer Science at NC State University. I think continuing to learn is key to success and being in school gives you access to resources that are not available in corporate world.

Professional Experience...

I got my first Job in Baan Info systems India. Worked there for 3 years in integration development team. Then I moved to US to work for Nortel Networks. Stay there was short just 4 months I moved to e-Emphasys which I was founding member of in India. e-ET was started in India and later I got a chance to work for eET in US. I worked for eET for almost 4-5 years. Job at e-ET involved a lot of travel and when I decided to finish my MBA I had to look for somethign with no travel. SAMSys(now Sirit) was a local RFID reader company. I joined SAMSys as software architect to work on their next generate RFID reader(INfinity 510). I worked their for an year and helped deliver INfinity 510.

In July 2006 I got call from Microsoft and here I am working for Microsoft as Program Manager in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Team.

I have worked with more than 55 customers over last 8+ years of my professional life. Out of these customers some have been full fledged implementations some I have met only once for pre sales, some were out sourcing deals and other maybe just some maintanance stuff. In short the interaction is around the spectrum. Most important: No two customers and their requirements are ever same. :):) That makes it more interesting.. Enjoy...

Me and RFID Technology...

I have been working with RFID technology for a very long time now. Almost 2+ years. Have worked with various hardware vendors like Alien, SAMSys, Paxar printers, Zebra printers etc... I am also working with various software vendor who support RFID technology. I have met lot of customers over the years discussing about there problems and suggesting how RFID could one day solve them. I have implemented data collection solutions in various companies. My primary area of expertise is integrations. That is what I do I integrate RFID devices to enterprise applications to make supply chain more efficient.